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Corona Culture Wars

The Corona Culture Wars have begun. Depending on who you speak, the Coronavirus is a pandemic threatening the lives of millions or a hoax, overblown by the media to create fear. Facts, science, and information are secondary to political ideology. Will America become stronger following this crisis or descend into chaos and further division?

Larese Purnell The Art of Black entrepreneurship

LaRese Purnell spent part of his childhood watching his mother struggle and living in homeless shelters and sometimes went without meals. Despite his struggles, Purnell started his first business as a teenager growing up in Cleveland. As he was shoveling snow for neighbors, he got the idea to get some of his friends involved and created a business. Purnell is now the Managing Partner of CLE Consulting, author of financial Foundations and serial entrepreneur.

Corona and Small Business Survival.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shutdown thriving small businesses forcing them to go from 100 to zero overnight. We summarize the Stimulus Act for the coronavirus, how you can apply, what loans are forgivable, and why you should apply regardless of the current state of your business or nonprofit.

Opportunities in Corona (Covid 19) Chaos.

Wealth Manager Tunde Ogulana discusses opportunities in the Corona chaos.

EP:62 - Living with the Corona (COVID-19)

Disruption Now speaks with a survivor of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

EP:61 - COVID-19 and Societal Disruption with Dr. Amar Bhati

COVID-19 has disrupted everyone's life. How do we cope and stay safe? What makes this particular coronavirus different? This pandemic could literally break many Americans and our healthcare system unless we work together. Learn how you can thrive in the midst of all the disruption.

EP:60 - Kobe and Demonization of Black Humanity

The death of Kobe and his daughter Gigi demonstrated how black men mourn and appreciate their children. It showed the world that black men are vulnerable and need support too. After Kobe’s death, #girldad started trending with pics of black men and their daughters. Of course, in the outrage and cancel culture we live in there was an immediate attempt to undermine his legacy based upon a past rape allegation. The #MeToo is necessary and women face real challenges and issues of harassment, violence, and discrimination. However, black men experience this too. Black men are demonized, sexualized and targeted. The stories of Emmett Tills, the Central Park 5 and Brian Banks show black men are guilty if accused by white women, no matter the facts. Black men have to fight for their humanity at birth and even in death.

EP:59 - Dr. Lawrence Drake on The Myth of Absent Black Fathers

On this episode we sit down with Dr. Lawrence Drake author of Color Him Father. Color Him Father is book about love and loss and what it means to be a black father in America. It disrupts the common narratives that black men aren't committed fathers.

EP:58 - Charles 'Mark Phi' Smart

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EP: 57 - Coach Cass - Developing a Growth Mindset for Relationships

Coach Cass is a professional love and relationship coach for women. Coach Cass is effective because she is open and vulnerable about her own journey. Learn from Coach Cass how to find, keep and nurture a healthy relationship. On this episode we keep it all the way real discussing, sex, money and what it means to have a growth mindset in relationships. Follow me Facebook Instagram Twitter Follow Coach Cass Instagram @inspiremany

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