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EP: 53 - Derrick Artis - From Modest to Millions

Derrick Artis never expected to be in private equity, but the opportunity transformed his options and trajectory. Most African Americans aren't exposed to private equity or know how to leverage private equity opportunities when they occur. Learn how to turn your skill into a business. He went from being an optometrist making a good living to making millions and never having to work again. Listen to learn how he did it.

EP:52 - Ronne Brown is Unashamed from Mopping floors to Millions on Instagram.

CEO and Founder of GirlCEO© and author of From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram. Ronne Brown is a branding expert, Ted X speaker, author, mentor, wife, and mother of four. She has made her mark internationally in the online and social media business with her revolutionizing branding techniques. She went from being a statistic to a success story and turned minimum wage income into a seven-figure salary within a few short years. Now, Ronne is equipping women nationwide on how to be the CEO in their business’, lives and homes via her Girl CEO community. Ronne Brown is one of social media's most influential entrepreneurs inspiring and teaching people around the world how to create six-figure incomes, become debt-free and live life on their own terms. 

EP:51 - Lauren Maillian - Author & CEO of LMB Group

Full Episode - Lauren Maillian is the Founder and CEO of LMB Group, a strategic marketing and brand advisory company; was a Founding Partner at Gen Y Capital Partners, an early-stage venture firm focused on investments in mobile and consumer-facing technology-enabled companies; and is the author of the instant bestselling business memoir, The Path Redefined: Getting To the Top On Your Own Terms. Lauren’s passion for innovation-through-entrepreneurship and her unique ability to story-tell, brought her talents as an expert onto television as the Master Marketer and co-star of the startup focused docu-series, Quit Your Day Job, on Oxygen (NBCU). At age 19, Lauren co-founded a boutique winery that quickly became an internationally recognized award-winning wine brand, making her the youngest self-made winery owner in the country. She served as the Chief Operating Officer of the company from inception through the brand’s acquisition in 2011.

EP:50 - The Great Hack - Big Data is a Danger to Democracy

Ever wonder why everything is free on Facebook, Google, and many other platforms? Nothing is free and if it's free you are not the customer you are the product. How dangerous is big data to democracy? The Great Hack shows there is a steep price for your “free data” and it might be your own freedom. 

EP:49 - Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

Hakeem Jeffries discusses impeachment, his journey in public service and his quest to transform our criminal justice system.

EP: 48 - Crystal Mason and the art of Voter Suppression and Injustice.

Crystal Mason has been sentenced to five years in prison for voting. Crystal Mason said she had no idea that she was ineligible to vote (felons in Texas are prohibited from voting while they’re serving their sentences, which includes incarceration, parole, and probation). This is not justice it’s a scare tactic to suppress votes.

EP:47 - Who Can Say The N-Word?

Who can use the N-word? Can the N-word ever be a term of endearment among black people? Is it ever acceptable for people who are not black to use the N-word? Now with Hip hop going global using the N-word all the time should black people be offended anymore?

EP:46 - The Art of Real Hip hop: Alexander Star

Alexander Star is a hip hop artist, not a rapper and he wants you to know the difference.  Star says hip hop is not about promoting ignorance or profanity, it's about uplifting others through art and storytelling.

EP:45 - NBA's China conflict and freedom

A tweet from Darly Morey, GM of the Rockets appeared to support Hong Kong demonstrators but with pressure from China he deleted the tweet and reversed course. Trump is bargaining away U.S. security for conspiracy theories about Ukraine in hopes of reelection and erasing evidence of Russia's interference in our elections. Are America and American values like freedom of speech and freedom of expression for sale? 

EP:44 - Is Forgiveness Hurting Black Folk?

Instead of focusing on the actual victim who was killed, Botham Jean the media has focused on the judge giving the hug and the brother :Botham Jean who forgave her. Judge Tammy Kemp also hugged Amber Geiger to show her compassion. Is there an unreasonable expectation for African Americans to forgive?

EP: 42 - Black Love & Marriage

The Journal of Family and medicine found that marriage is down with this generation across the board due to the lack of “economically attractive” men. This problem is exacerbated for black women. By what does it mean to be economically attractive? Should this be the most important criteria? #BlackLove

EP: 41 - Are You Racist?

Reactions to crime and mass shootings reveal racial bias. #racialbias #disruptionnow #whiteprivilege

EP: 40 - Rodney Williams - FOUNDER OF LISNR

Rodney Williams, founder of LISNR has been a disruptor all his life. LISNR technology transmits data over sound that you can't hear. It will not satisfy Williams until LISNR connects and changes the world.

EP: 39 - Eric Thomas : Push Through The Pain

Eric Thomas the worlds number 1 motivational speaker discusses his journey and how pushing past pain leads to greater success. If you give up in your worse state that will be your legacy. What will your legacy be?

EP: 38 - Jemele Hill - 'Unbothered By Critics'

Jemele Hill is being widely criticized for telling black athletes to pick Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) over predominately white schools. Jemele Hill, the former ESPN host argues that black athletes are helping the fortunes of major universities while HBCUs suffer. Is she right? #jemelehillisunbothered #hbcuathletes #disruptionnow

EP:37 - Janelle Monáe's Twitter Mistake?

The plot thickens with Popeye's chicken. Janelle Monáe tweets about voting interest in comparison to Popeye's chicken "sammich" and creates an uproar of clap-backs.

EP: 36 - Dave Chappelle Sticks & Stones Outrage

Dave Chappelle Sticks and Stones Netflix special addresses cancellation culture, groupthink and reflexive outrage. Chappelle is provocative calling Michael Jackson accusers liars, criticizing the Metoo movement and trolling Jessie Smollett. Do you think he went too far? Or was he providing needed comedic relief to our toxic news cycle?

EP: 35 - Louis Reed: The Power of Redemption

Louis L. Reed has never forgotten his federal prison number and like a tattoo, it’s a permanent reminder of his survival and eventual redemption. Louis Reed is the National Organizer for #Cut50. Cut50 was started by CNN commentator Van Jones to reduce the prison population by half in America.

EP: 34 - Jay Z Knee-Kaps Kaepernick?

This week Jay Z announced a partnership between his company Roc Nation and the NFL. The reactions were swift. There are two main camps, one led by Eric Reid and Kaepernick's friends who see the partnership as a sell-out move by Jay Z to silence Kaepernick's and other's protests against police misconduct and inequality in this country. The other side of the argument is that Jay-Z has a grand plan for social justice and there is more to the partnership than money.

EP: 33 - Chicken Wars: Popeyes, Chick-fil-A and Insanity

Popeyes implemented a brilliant social media marketing campaign around its new chicken sandwich to challenge Chick-fil-A. To say it was a success for Popeyes would be an understatement. It was so successful Popeyes had long lines for as across the country with wait times as long as an hour and a half. Meanwhile, our government just shut down the ability to enforce election laws in this country. Mitch McConnell appears content to let the FEC shut down by not having enough members to get a quorum. With foreign governments looking to interfere in 2020, Mitch McConnell made that task much easier. This could be the end to free and fair elections in America. But all is good at least we get Popeyes chicken. #popeyesvschickfila #disruptionnow

EP: 32 - A$AP Rocky: Soldier or Sellout

A$AP Rocky didn't realize he was black until he got arrested in Sweden. Like OJ & MJ, A$AP never wanted to be seen as a black activist. Now he wants to use his blackness as credit card for convenience. Should Black Activists stand up for A$AP? Is A$AP Rocky a sellout or solider? What do you think? Let us know in the comments. #AsapRockyQuotes #AsapRocky

EP: 31 - Dawn Dickson: Breaking Barriers In Tech

Dawn Dickson Founder & CEO of PopCom. Dawn W. Dickson is a serial entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in marketing and business development. Dickson is a strong passionate black woman and a leader in technology and entrepreneurship. She launched four successful cash flow positive companies since 2002, her most recent ventures Flat Out of Heels (rollable flats for women to get relief from painful heels) and PopCom after identifying a need to develop a software solution to make vending machines more intelligent. Dawn has received numerous awards and accolades for her business savvy and pitching skills, and has been invited to speak on numerous panels and workshops and featured in countless media outlets including Forbes, Black Enterprise, Fortune, Venture Beat, Huffington Post, Essence Magazine, The Miami Herald, CNBC/Yahoo series ‘The Biz Fix’ with Marcus Lemonis, and MSNBC ‘Your Biz’ Elevator Pitch. A recognized leader in entrepreneurship and digital marketing, Dawn is featured in Who’s Who in Black Columbus, Who Who’s in Black Atlanta, honored as one of Legacy Miami’s Top 40 Under 40 Leaders in South Florida, and listed among the ’50 Young Visionary Women Leaders to Watch’ by Innov8tiv Magazine. Dawn received her B.A. in Journalism from The Ohio State University.

EP: 30 - Trauma and the Inhumane Treatment of Migrants

On the last day of minority mental health month, we discuss the collective traumatic impact of Trump’s inhumane treatment of migrant families on the border. Disruption Now is joined by Dr. Maria Espinola, a licensed clinical psychologist and assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati and Professor Bert Lockwood of the renowned Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights, at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. What do you think about Trump’s policies of migrant families?

EP: 29 - Marc Morial: State of the Black Union

Marc Morial- on the state of the black union. According to Marc Morial President of the Urban League our democracy is under attack. The right to vote is being attacked like never before since the passage of the Voting Rights Act. He blames a trio on attack first and foremost the Supreme Court with its decision in Shelby be holder in the same vein as Plessy v. Ferguson and the Dread Scott case. The second according to Marc are state legislators rolling back access to voting. The third are the Russians seeking to divide and distract us.

EP:28 - Samara Rivers: Creating a seat for Black Bourbon Drinkers

Samara Rivers is the Founder + CEO of Black Bourbon Society, an organization making the bourbon world a more diverse, inclusive place. Through educational events, meetups and creative content, she works to bridge the gap between African American bourbon enthusiasts and the spirits industry. She also co-hosts the Bonded in Bourbon podcast. We explore her personal journey, struggles, and her love of bourbon. She is coming to Cincinnati on September 14th stay tuned for more details if you would like to attend an event.

EP: 27 - Mental Health & Trauma in the Black Community

Taraji P. Henson testified to the Congressional Black Caucus how lack of mental health awareness is killing our communities. "We, in the African American community, we don't deal with mental health issues. We don't even talk about it. We've been taught to pray away our problems." Our conversation with Corey Minor Smith details how we tackle mental health awareness. Mental Health awareness affects you even if you don't know it. Listen more to see why.

EP: 26 -July 4th, Betsy Ross & Privilege

While some used their July 4 weekend to celebrate the independence of this nation, some people were engaged in their own stupidity and privilege. From #notmyarial and folks outraged about Betsy Ross flags on some sneakers they weren’t going to by anyway. We explore what this says about the state of America in 2019.

EP: 25 - Robert Greene On the Power of Human Nature

Robert Greene is the author of five New York Times best sellers: Greene is known for his books on strategy, power, and seduction. He has written five international bestsellers: The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, the 50th Law and Mastery. In this episode, we discuss Robert Greene’s latest book The Laws of Human Nature. Robert Greene’s Laws of Human Nature is a guide to decipher human behavior to avoid the pitfalls, toxic situations, destructive patterns and tribal tendencies we consistently fall prey too. If you think our tribal nature is a relic of the past, Greene asks you to look at our nation and the world right now and think again. Think about how social media has pre-amplified the worst aspects of human nature. As Robert Greene tells us there is no point in opting out or ignoring our nature, it's better to be informed and self-aware. Learn how your attitude is a self-fulfilling prophecy and why Robert Greene finds the stories of 50 Cent and Jay Z more impactful and representative of the American Dream than Donald Trump or George W. Bush.

EP: 24 - Kyle Kashuv: Harvard Rejects a Racist Conservatives Cry Foul

Kyle Kashuv a survivor of the mass shooting at Parkland, had his admission to Harvard University rescinded after private racist remarks from his past emerged. Many conservatives cried fouled that Kashuv was targeted due to his conservative politics. Kashuv admitted to using such language several years prior to his admission offer, but insisted that he does not currently engage in such behavior, nor does he feel the remarks accurately reflect his current opinion on racial matters. Kashuv told Harvard. "Looking back two years later, I cannot recognize that person." The argument I guess is that the mass shooting made him a changed man. But what tangible proof do we have that his attitude changed?

EP: 23 - Obama = Reparations?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says you got a black President that is your Reparations. Really? We discuss the history of Reparations and why their is a resurgence in the topic this current political environment.

EP: 22 - Governor Deval Patrick: Breaking Barriers

Deval Laurdine Patrick is one of only 2 African-Americans to ever be elected governor in the United States. Born and raised by a single mother on the South Side of Chicago, Patrick earned a scholarship to Milton Academy in Massachusetts in the eighth grade. He went on to attend Harvard College and Harvard Law School, where he was president of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau. After graduating, he practiced law with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and later joined a Boston law firm, where he was named a partner, at age 34. In 1994, Bill Clinton appointed him as the United States assistant attorney general for the civil rights division of the United States Department of Justice, where he worked on issues including racial profiling and police misconduct.

EP: 21 - What They See 'When They See Us'

"When They See Us" is a powerful mini series on the so called Central Five a name given to them by the media to categorize them but they have names: Korey Wise, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson, and Raymond Santana. We are going to call them the fighting five as they never stop fighting or accepted what so many labeled them as, animals, monsters, or thugs instead of little boys who had their youth taken for a crime that it was clear from the beginning they didn’t commit. When They See Us is a story of the dehumanization of black men. It's the story of the dehumanization of those incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. It’s the story of how mass incarceration affects not just the individual incarcerated but entire families. It’s the story of systemic failures we continue to see; the failure of prosecutors, police, the press and politicians. It's the story of fear and race and how they two always seem to converge in America. When they See Us is an indictment on justice and the ideals we supposedly have of a free country in America.

EP: 20 - Lil Nas X: Only In America

Lil Nas X is disrupting music as we know. Lil Nas X is making waves in two genres that on first glance appears to be an odd pairing, Country and Hip Hop music. This is a story that can only happen in America. Without the help or support of Country music labels, Lil Nas X has the number one song “Old Town Road” on the Country, Hip hop and Billboard charts. It’s a testament to the genius and innovation of so many African American Artists. Hip hop is already mainstream and now it's coming to country music. The real truth is that Country music actually finds its roots from enslaved Africans, who were the first to mainstream musical instruments, such as the banjo into into what we know as country music today. The music tradition continued over the years with, Ray Charles, Hootie, and the Blow Fish, Nelly and Tim Mcgraw, and Jimmie Allen and Karen Brown, along with many others. Hip hop and Country actually have a lot in common and come from similar roots. They both tell stories over music and describe the pain or real-life situations communities are facing. This should be a good story of art uniting us instead some want to say this is not country music. But instead, some find division where there should be unity. Initially, Country music kicked Lil Nas X off the charts. Finding roots in the tradition to exclude black artist as if country music is an ethnicity, not an art. Outrage mounted when Wrangler jeans partnered with Lil Nas X to create a clothing line, some accused Wrangler of being politically and chasing after diversity and inclusion. Huh? Are they serious? Since when did collaboration and diversity become a political issue? And why are diversity and inclusion controversial anyway? Old Town Road’s unique and diverse sound is a great example of why diversity and inclusion are at the heart of innovation and what really makes America great.

Lil Nas X : Only In America (Part 1)

Full Episode - In the upcoming episode, we explore the positive story and the actual unlikely connection between hip hop and country.

EP: 19 - Mueller Drops The Mic

Mueller tells Congress it’s your job to impeach. Republicans and Democrats have to decide will they do what’s politically convenient or will they fight for the rule of law and America. We are a nation of laws and we started in rebellion to a King. This is about our constitution and holding on to the principle that no one is above the law. I don’t care about losing an election as much as losing freedom and the rule of law.

EP: 18 - Kirk Perry on Faith & Leading With Values

Kirk Perry is an example of what opportunity can and should be in America. From the outside looking in Kirk Perry looks as if he had a seamless path. Working for two decades at Proctor and Gamble and now leading Google Brands. Mr. Perry is responsible for driving Google's revenue a trillion dollar company, with the world's largest advertisers and advertising agencies. But his path wasn’t always so easy, from growing up poor, to almost not making it through college, to health scares of cancer with himself and daughter, Kirk has had anything but an easy path. His struggles did not deter him but made him more determined to focus on what really matters in life.

EP: 17 - Maxine Waters on Impeachment and Fighting for America

Maxine Waters was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the fifth of 13 children reared by a single mother. She began working at age 13 in factories and segregated restaurants. After moving to Los Angeles, she worked in garment factories and at the telephone company. She attended California State University at Los Angeles, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She began her career in public service as a teacher and a volunteer coordinator in the Head Start program. She is married to Sidney Williams, the former U.S. Ambassador to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. She is the mother of two adult children, Edward and Karen, and has two grandchildren. Congresswoman Waters made history as the first woman and first African American Chair of the House Financial Services Committee. She has the gavel and knows how to use it.

EP: 16 - Shawn Holley: On Kim K, OJ & justice

Holley learned the ropes from Johnny Cochran during the Oj Simpson trail dubbed “the trial of the century.” In May 2018, Ms. Holley and Kim Kardashian West met with President Donald Trump at the White House to lobby for the release of Alice Marie Johnson, a first-time, non-violent drug offender who was serving a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. Ms. Holley and Ms. West were successful in persuading Mr. Trump to commute Ms. Johnson’s sentence in her twenty-second year of imprisonment. Holley was raised in the Fairfax neighborhood of Los Angeles. Her mother went to school at night working earning her M.B.A. Eventually, working her way up from legal secretary to the office manager at a large law firm. Holley was unimpressed and thought being an attorney was boring. Holley ended up as a waitress at the first ever California Pizza Kitchen when she met a “cool” lawyer who did work that excited her. She enrolled in Southwestern Law School in 1985. Shawn began her legal career in the Los Angeles public defender's office before being hired by Johnnie Cochran. She eventually became the Managing Partner of The Cochran Firm and was a member of O.J. Simpson's legal defense team, know as the "Dream Team." With more than sixty trials to her credit, Ms. Holley is the rare trial attorney who practices in the areas of both civil and criminal litigation. She was a highly visible member of the O.J. Simpson defense team and worked closely with Mr. Cochran on a number of high-profile civil and criminal cases when the firm was known as The Law Offices of Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Among others, Ms. Holley has represented or currently represents Kanye West, Justin Bieber,Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Kathy Griffin, Rosario Dawson, Ryan Phillippe, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, the Kardashian/Jenner family, Katt Williams, radio personality Charlamagne tha God, Mike Tyson, “Sugar” Ray Leonard, Lamar Odom, Reggie Bush, accused Symbionese Liberation Army member Sara Jane Olson, celebrated Black Panther leader Geronimo Pratt and members of Black Lives Matter.

EP: 15 - Does Black Male Privilege Exist?

Does black male privilege exist? If you talk to most black men they will openly agree that privilege is a real thing among their white male counterparts. However, if you ask is their black male privilege there is a wide variety of reactions and opinions. What does black male privilege look like? Is it the same white male privilege? Are there any unique responsibilities or obligations black men have toward black women?

EP: 14 - Privilege and Subtle Racism

Privilege is a loaded word that invokes strong reactions; especially from white people. After a Jazz fan got into a heated argument with Russel Westbrook, it was later discovered the fan had made racially charged comments. As Kyle Korver detailed in his article on white privilege; dealing with overt racism is easy, the harder issue is dealing with subtle racism that has overt results from education, employment, and our criminal justice system.

EP: 13 - Divided We Fall

Something that was overlooked by the mainstream media in the coverage of the Mueller Report was how Russia focused on fueling racial tensions to influence the election. The Internet Research Agency was an organization created by Russia that stoked white fears and connected with the black protest movement to increase the chances of a Trump victory.

EP: 12 - The Injustice of Kerry Lathan

According to Michelle Alexander, author of the New Jim Crow, more black men are in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850, before the Civil War began. The recent Kerry Lanthan incarceration demonstrates how our criminal justice system is applied in ways that is oppressive to black men without regard for whether it is making us safer or rehabilitating people. The most logical explanation may be that the ideal of a fair administration of justice by the criminal justice system is undermined by the scars from America never fully dealing with the issues of race and negative stereotypes around black men/women. Many know Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed but most don't know there were two others who were shot as well. Kerry Lathan was one of these people and he was arrested for violating his parole terms. His violation - simply meeting with Nipsey to look for opportunities to work (because of Nipsey’s historic gang affiliation). Nipsey had long ago left gang life and was in fact actively working with community leaders to reduce gang violence. Yet, he was still seen as nothing more than a former felon by our system. Hence, Lanthan was arrested after being shot while trying to find employment. Kerry Lathan’s arrest is an example of everything that is wrong with our criminal justice system because it illustrates the system not just failing to offer real opportunities for reintegration, but actively preventing one from seeking such an opportunity out for themselves. There are thousands of Kerry Lathan’s being sent to jail because of our system is not sufficiently focused on rehabilitation and the provision of opportunity, and essentially promotes recidivism by default.

EP: 11 - Laura Ingraham’s Lack of Humanity with Nipsey Hussle

Laura Ingraham’s coverage of Nipsey Hussle continues to demonstrate her lack of skills as a journalist and as a human being. She can’t understand why others would mourn Nipsey’s death. This is because Ingraham doesn’t care about what is good for this country or what is even accurate. It’s all about inflaming the base to make money for Fox. Ingraham didn’t actually talk to people on the ground, instead she laughed at them. A father, community member and leader was shot down. I guess it’s too much to ask for Laura Ingraham to have empathy.

EP: 10 - Nipsey Hussle Conspiracies

Conspiracy theories popped up all over black Twitter and social media following the murder of Nipsey Hussle. Why did so many think his death was a conspiracy? Perhaps the answer is America has confirmed conspiracies against African Americans.

EP: 9 - Nipsey Hussle - Life, Legacy and Lessons

Nipsey Hussle was in many ways the personification of the American dream. He started off in the streets, joining the gang the 60s (Crips), going to prison but eventually turning his life around and having success as a rapper and entrepreneur. He went from hustling on the corner to owning the same corner he used to hustle on. When he became famous he didn’t move out or stop coming, instead, he came more became more accessible. He started STEM classes for kids, provided jobs for local youth and showed hustlers there is another path. He eventually gained the respect of all gangs; crips and bloods alike. Nonetheless, his life ended in senseless violence from a member of his same gang. His death sparked many questions:  Why are we so accepting or desensitized to violence?  Should Nipsey have stayed so close and accessible when he started to become famous? Was the more going on behind his death?

EP: 8 - Mayor Andrew Gillum-On failing forward and fighting for others.

Andrew Gillum was not supposed to be the Democratic nominee for Florida governor. For the entire century nearly every gubernatorial candidate Democrat and Republican were millionaires. So when the political class, Democrats and Republicans saw he was running they all said he would lose. No way the son of a construction worker and bus driver will become the nominee.. He proved them wrong the nomination, along with the hearts and minds of millions. Though he lost the governor’s race by less than half a percentage point, his journey is not over. We explore his journey to this point and his path forward in the current political climate.

EP: 7 - Does Diversity and Democracy Mix?

Governing is hard but leading a diverse nation is even harder. More homogeneous democracies often have greater levels of social welfare (e.g. Sweden, Switzerland)  Can anything be done about the discomfort some people will feel in diverse settings? Do  diverse societies invite or create divisions that lead to scapegoating, which prevents underlying problems from being acknowledged and/or solved? Or does division and scapegoating always exist?

EP: 6 - What to do with Gentrification

Growth in urban communities has been accelerating in the last decade. Areas that were for years considered unattractive and crime ridden have become the areas of economic growth and activity. This has had the unintended consequence (or intended consequences depending on your perspective) of dislocating poorer black and brown communities who have been there for decades. Our Disruptor of the week Terry Booty discusses how his company, Urban Farmers tackles the issues. Urban Farmers seeks to successfully bridge the gap between corporate objectives and community needs by focusing on workforce housing and sustainable community development.

EP: 5 - Rigging the System in College

We are used to hearing scandals involving the recruitment of NCAA athletes. However, I have never heard of a scandal involving students posing as athletes. That is until actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, along with multiple wealthy parents, paid a middleman (through a fake non profit) over 25 million dollars to bribe admissions officers and coaches to admit their kids as student athletes. Colleges will often admit athletes and lower the standards providing often sub par educational opportunities while exploiting  the college athletes.

EP: 4 - Jussie Smollett, Bill Maher, Robert Kraft and Social Media Bias

The human brain is wired to be bias. The science is clear, everyone is bias without exception. Our minds tend to default to what we think know or what makes sense to us versus exploring the facts of each situation. While more information is available to us than ever before, society’s focus on insta twitter and instagram news allows everyone to conclude they are right without exception. Exploration, investigation and due process become secondary and all the while social media through programming and artificial intelligence  continues to confirm our own biases. How do we break this cycle?

EP: 3 - Socialism, Capitalism, All Out Skepticism

The fear of socialism is nothing new in America; But beyond the name what actually is socialism? How did the word socialism become such a tainted word? Now with Bernie Sanders and AOC socialism gaining in popularity. The ideas and the concepts around some so-claims have been around and are even part of the American fabric just as capitalism is. This current socialist scare isn't about socialism, it's about challenging the status quo.

EP: 2 - Allegations, Accusations, Publications, and our Nation

How do accusations of racism and assault affect us all? From pics of black faces to threats from publications, this past week has been quite the show for politicians, actors, and billionaires alike.

EP: 1 - Dr. King: Dreamer or Disruptor with Jawanza Colvin

Honored to host @jawanzacolvin of Olivet Baptist Church on Disruption Now. Listen as we discussed Dr. King: dreamer or disruptor and the role of the black church in civil rights. Later in the show I discuss Howard Shultz‘s incredibly horrible idea to run for President.

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